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Julia Samuel and her Psychotherapist daughters Emily and Sophie interviewed by Eugene Ellis

With Julia Samuel, Sophie Samuel, Emily Samuel & interviewed by Eugene Ellis

Part of our purpose at TR Together is to build a strong community, for psychotherapists to connect professionally and personally so we were excited to host our first in-person social event in December 2023.  Julia Samuel and her psychotherapist daughters, Emily and Sophie were interviewed by Eugene Ellis as part of a special evening at the Freud Museum in London. There was an opportunity to explore the museum, enjoy the interview with our guests, and join a drinks reception, offering a chance to meet with colleagues old and new. The TR Together team were at the event and really enjoyed meeting with our community.

The Samuels are making a great impact by sharing the work that psychotherapists are doing behind closed doors. Julia has made an incredible contribution to the field of psychotherapy through decades of challenging clinical work with a focus on bereavement. She has held multiple roles in the charitable sector, is author of three Sunday Times bestsellers, Grief Works, This Too Shall Pass and Every Family Has a Story, and has launched a successful Grief Works app. Most recently, together with her daughters, she has been hosting a highly successful podcast, Therapy Works. The interview was an opportunity to hear how she has achieved this and what motivates her to keep going!

Alongside Julia we heard from daughters Emily, an integrative child psychotherapist, and Sophie an adult psychotherapist. The evening offered a behind the scenes chat with Eugene about their work together on the highly successful podcast Therapy Works. The podcast's mission is to ‘expand our understanding of therapy and prove that meaningful conversations that may contain difficult conversations can be profoundly healing’. Each episode offers a glimpse into Julia’s therapy room as she holds intimate conversations with guests; some are well-known and others are facing particular challenges in life. This is followed by a three-way conversation as Emily and Sophie join Julia to reflect on each podcast.

Eugene’s interview encouraged Julia, Emily and Sophie to reflect on the profound lessons they’ve learned from their guests to inspire you and the wider therapy community with the transformative power of therapy, storytelling and family bonds.

We hope you enjoy this recording and are able to join us for our next in person social event.


Julia, Emily and Sophie Samuel in conversation with Eugene Ellis

Julia, Emily, and Sophie Samuel were interviewed by Eugene with a focus on their distinctive journeys as therapists, their different trainings, styles of working and client groups. They also explored their collaboration on the podcast, Therapy Works so you can learn about their mission to broaden general understandings of therapy and its potential. Discover how each episode offers an intimate glimpse into Julia's therapy room, as she engages in meaningful dialogues with a diverse range of guests, exploring their stories and challenges. The conversation doesn't stop there – Emily and Sophie join their mother to reflect on each podcast, offering a unique perspective that intertwines professional insights with familial dynamics. We hope you  hearing more from behind the scenes!