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The Extraordinary Intelligence of the Unconscious

Working with mind, body and subtle energy systems

With Phil Mollon & Ruthie Smith

The evolution of psychotherapy has been a remarkable journey, Freud's discovery of the unconscious paved the way for a deeper understanding of human behaviour and motivation. Over time, attachment theory expanded our understanding of interpersonal dynamics, illuminating the crucial role of early relationships in shaping mental well-being. Advancements in neurobiology unveiled the intricate interplay between brain structures and psychological processes. Insights into the body-mind connection underscored the significance of trauma and its somatic manifestations, emphasising the need for holistic approaches. Today, psychotherapy embraces a new frontier by incorporating subtle energy systems. This integration acknowledges the energetic dimensions of human experience, bridging ancient wisdom with modern science. 

The journey from Freud's initial revelations to the present marks a testament to the field's resilience and adaptability. By integrating psychoanalysis, attachment theory, neurobiology, understanding the body's role in trauma, and now embracing subtle energy systems, psychotherapy continues to evolve, offering a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to working with the complexities of the human experience.

In this engaging workshop, Phil Mollon and Ruthie Smith share their journey of integrating subtle energy fields work within the framework of their traditional psychoanalytic and attachment trainings. They offer ways of incorporating this new approach, affirming its compatibility with established therapeutic methodologies. Notably, Ruthie provides a personal narrative of her transformative experience with energy psychotherapy to work through early infantile trauma inaccessible through other approaches. Ruthie's first hand account serves as a powerful testament to the potential of this approach in catalysing growth and healing.

Join this enlightening workshop to discover how the coupling of subtle energy fields with traditional psychotherapy can create a profound shift for clients, fostering a deeper level of understanding and freedom from repetitions and traumas for clients.


Phil Mollon and Ruthie Smith
The Evolution of the Field of Psychotherapy

Freud stated, our ego is “first and foremost a bodily ego” (Freud, 1923b), and contemporary neurobiology supports the view that to work effectively with trauma we need to include the body in treatment. The ‘body knows’ at the deepest cellular level, and energy psychotherapy gently and efficiently facilitates the free association of the bodymindenergy, revealing its extraordinary wisdom and somatic intelligence. In addition to identifying and exploring psychodynamics in the conventional way, clinicians use energy testing (muscle testing/kinesiology,) which links with the patient’s subtle energy field, to guide the work. Energy methods are self-applied by the patient, which calm the nervous system, regulate affect, and reduce symptoms, hence integrating the fragmentation resulting from trauma, leading to a greater autonomy and freedom from trauma-based patterns of the past. This work can address the deepest patterns of repetition compulsion, including attachment, in-utero, preverbal, developmental, complex, transgenerational and transpersonal trauma.

Phil Mollon and Ruthie Smith
Mapping and Integrating Energy Psychotherapy on to Talk Therapy

Energy psychotherapy techniques facilitate free-association and allow profound insights to occur. Through the bodymindenergy system the wisdom of the unconscious intelligently leads  therapist and client to the issues which need our attention. Therapists guide the client to work with energy centres, (neuropeptide-enriched nodal points along the spine which are key nerve centres, like energy junction boxes of the nervous system), and with acupoint meridians, combined with careful use of words to release blocked energy and emotion related to bodily held experiences. The work supports clients not only to allow traumata to pass through the system but also to enter relaxed states of mind, where natural recuperation and recovery can occur. Although transference does inevitably arise, the internal focus of the work means that these elements are less prominent than in traditional psychoanalytic work. The ‘energetic countertransferece’ is, however, a most interesting area to consider and can play an important role in the work. Energy therapy techniques can clear energetically a range of issues including complex trauma and integrating shadow material,  PTSD, overcoming developmental blocks, integrating splits and fragments of the psyche leading to a healthier more resilient ego and sense of self.

Phil Mollon 
Psychotherapy Session Description
Ruthie Smith
A Personal Account of Healing Early Relational Trauma 

In this session Ruthie will describe her personal experience of working energetically with infant trauma related to her experience with her mother. Energy processes facilitated her in bringing forth the material that needed to be worked through and processed, and through this in- depth work, the patterns of frozen terror of pre-verbal experience were simultaneously contained and released. Ruthie will explain how the impact of this unconscious embodied trauma had adversely affected her throughout her life,  and  the significant difference this work has made through identifying it, experiencing it and releasing it. 

Reflections and Q&A
Phil Mollon
Group Experiential  

In this experiential Phil will guide you through a simple and gentle energy practice which will soothe your nervous system allowing for clear thinking and calm. 

Feedback with Ruthie and Phil 
Breakout in small groups  
Group Discussion 
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