A Psychoanalytic Understanding of the Couple Relationship
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A Psychoanalytic Understanding of the Couple Relationship

A Psychoanalytic Understanding of the Couple Relationship

Lectures from the Tavistock Relationships Model

With Mary Morgan

Since 1948 Tavistock Relationships has been instrumental in building a rich and effective therapeutic model to support couple relationships. The model is based on the principles of psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and grounded in decades of research, offering a depth approach to working with the couple relationships.

This series of lectures provides a comprehensive exploration of psychoanalytic perspectives on couple relationships as well as an understanding of how to work therapeutically with couples and is suitable for anyone working with couples, interested to start working with couples or simply interested in the complexities inherent in being in a relationship.

The talks include the importance of the interplay of past influences, present dynamics, as well as the future potential in couple relationships, framing the couple as vehicle for creative development throughout the life cycle.

Clinical issues with couples work such as the complex terrain of transference and countertransference and a different way of working considering there are three in the room are discussed.

These lectures collectively offer insights which will enrich your understanding of psychoanalytic approaches to the complexity of couple relationships.


Mary Morgan
A Psychoanalytic Understanding of the Couple Relationship

Mary Morgan will describe the particular ways in which the couple relationship is viewed and treated in couple psychoanalytic psychotherapy as it has evolved over nearly 75 years at TR. She will consider the influence of the past and the ways in which relationships are often set up to repeat, manage or work through unresolved early conflicts and anxieties. She will look at the nature of the relationship in the present, shaped by the couple’s psychic development, unconscious phantasies, narcissistic relating and projective system. The third area, that of the future, emphasises the idea of the adult couple relationship as having the potential for development. It has the capacity to create something new, linked to the concept of the creative couple.