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Bleak kitchen scene
Friday, October 18, 2024

Sexual Violence in Couple and Family Relationships: Turning a Blind Eye

A Special Online Event in Collaboration with Couple and Family Psychoanalysis & TRAPC

With Wayne Bodkin, Damian McCann, Anna Motz, Ariel Nathanson & Lorna Robinson (Chair)

Despite increasing concern about domestic abuse, sexual violence within couple and family relationships often remains hidden, is often unreported and is little understood. In this three-hour online event, we will explore the nature, the extent, the causes and the treatment interventions relating to sexual violence with some of the leading practitioners and thinkers in the field.

Anna Motz will outline her ground-breaking work on the role of women as intimate partner terrorists, in conversation with Wayne Bodkin. Based on his experience in working with both perpetrators and victims, Ariel Nathanson will describe how domestic violence can impact on the development of young boys, in conversation with Damian McCann. The afternoon will conclude with a panel bringing together these ideas and expanding the focus.

This event is offered in collaboration with Couple and Family Psychoanalysis, and is based on the Spring 2024 issue of the journal in which the papers originate, all participants will receive a 20% discount code to purchase the Spring 2024 issue. This event is run in association with Tavistock Relationships Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors (TRAPC).


15.00 (UK) Introductions and Zoom Housekeeping

15.05 Female Perpetrators in Intimate Partner Violence: Perverse Safe Havens 
With Anna Motz and respondent Wayne Bodkin

Anna Motz will outline the often-neglected role of women as intimate partner terrorists within relationships. She will explore the ways female aggression is manifested through psychological as well as physical intimidation. Using clinical vignettes, she will discuss the development of toxic dynamics, the ways early traumatic experience can create destructive re-enactments, and how violent destructive dynamics can serve as ‘perverse safe havens’ within couples and families. The role of animal cruelty is discussed, including the link between animal abuse and domestic abuse.

16.00 Break 

16.15 Just Like His Dad? Understanding the Impact of Childhood Experiences of Domestic Violence
With Ariel Nathanson and respondent Damian McCann

Ariel Nathanson will explore the various ways domestic violence can impact on the development of young boys who later present with a variety of psychopathologies. He will describe how, in the aftermath of domestic violence, young boys can be thrust into the vacancies left by their violent fathers, trapped within an identity best described ‘just like his dad’. Without environmental changes that restore safety, benign experiences of aggression, boundaries and intimacy, the boys who do not develop into being violent themselves do so by deploying various psychological solutions such as depression, perversion and becoming carers. 

17.15 Q&A with Anna Motz, Wayne Bodkin, Ariel Nathanson and Damian McCann, chaired by Lorna Robinson 

18.00 End