Dr Lori Brotto on Mindfulness for Sexual Problems
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Dr Lori Brotto on Mindfulness for Sexual Problems
Friday, December 6, 2024

Dr Lori Brotto on Mindfulness for Sexual Problems

Psychosexual Therapy Series

With Dr Lori Brotto

This three-hour workshop with Dr Lori Brotto, a Psychologist and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology based in Vancouver, Canada, will introduce therapists working with couples and individuals to a mindfulness-based approach for treating sexual difficulties and improving desire, arousal, and sexual satisfaction. Participants will leave the session with a greater understanding and confidence in their ability to consider a mindfulness approach in their clinical work.

The workshop will be offered in three parts. The first will be a focus on the specifics of using mindfulness with a particular emphasis on low sexual desire. The second will consider the use of a mindfulness-based approach to treating the distressing experience of vulvovaginal pain for women, and the third will discuss how this approach can be adapted to male sexual concerns and their partners in a couples-based format.

Dr Brotto will weave mindfulness practice exercises throughout the workshop, and there will be time allocated to discuss how this approach can be adapted to individuals, couples, gender-diverse persons, and other particular contexts.


14.00 (UK) Introductions with Andrew Davidson & Bridget Wilkins

14.10 Mindfulness and Sexual Desire

Low sexual desire impacts one-third of women across ages and cultures, and there is a lack of evidence-based pharmacological approaches that are accessible and feasible for this population. Dr Brotto will explore the background of why mindfulness for low desire, sexual interest or arousal disorder is effective and briefly review her preliminary research. Dr Brotto will look at concordance, particularly in women, and a successful case study and application of her work in a clinical context.

15.00 Break

15.15 Female Sexual Pain

There is solid evidence in favour of psychological factors as being involved in the onset and perpetuation of chronic and distressing vulvovaginal pain conditions.  This session will focus on the mindfulness-based intervention to support women who suffer from this condition. Dr Brotto will offer case studies demonstrating the efficacy of mindfulness with this client group.

16.00 Q&A facilitated by Andrew Davidson & Bridget Wilkins

16.15 Male Sexual Concerns

Although there has been substantial research and clinical interest in pharmacological treatments for male sexual dysfunction, there is also some evidence to support psychological approaches. Dr Brotto will discuss how a mindfulness-based approach can be adapted for men with situational erectile dysfunction, along with a couples-based approach to prostate cancer survivors with sexual difficulties and their partners. Dr Brotto will also discuss when to consider mindfulness in the treatment of situational erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer, as well as the challenges and solutions when using mindfulness for male sexual health concerns.

16.45 Q&A facilitated by Andrew Davidson & Bridget Wilkins

17.00 End