One of key goals of Tavistock Relationships is to cultivate a deeper understanding of the significance of relationships in shaping our lives, our children’s lives and society. We do this by trying to help as many people as possible access effective relationship support.

To enable this vision, we are launching a new contining professional development (CPD) offer called TR Together. This builds on our existing CPD programme - illuminating the power of relationships to advance the professional growth of psychotherapists – but will also include events which are suitable for people working right across the field of mental health.

A close-knit collaborative community

We want to encourage professionals to share their experiences, seek support and engage in nurturing relationships with like-minded peers. TR Together will encourage open curiosity towards new ideas and facilitate meaningful connections to enable a close-knit community of practitioners.

In an increasingly siloed and digital world, TR Together will foster a sense of togetherness among practitioners and promote shared learning experiences. We will value the diverse perspectives and insights of each participant and collaboration will be at the heart of our learning environment.

Real world and relevant

To equip practitioners with the knowledge and understanding required for real-world application, we want to contextualise new and established therapeutic concepts within today’s complex societal landscape. By considering the larger cultural factors, TR Together hopes to empower practitioners to navigate the challenges of their work, ensuring that therapy remains relevant and applicable in the modern world.

Our events will go beyond academic exploration by illuminating what theory and research mean for practice. Our events will offer in-depth discussions on new topics, disseminating original ideas to ensure practitioners stay up to date with the latest developments. We will translate research findings into practical applications, enriching the therapeutic experience for both therapists and their clients.

Embracing complexity and delivering impact

Therapeutic work is inherently complex and often challenging. TR Together will take a depth-focused approach to enhance practitioner’s understanding and capacity to work with difficult case material. By nurturing your clinical expertise and confidence, we hope to equip practitioners to bring about positive change in their clients’ lives.

Ultimately the learning opportunities provided by TR Together will be designed to facilitate professional growth. By enabling practitioners’ development and peer relationships, we will seek to create a lasting and positive change both within the field of psychotherapy, and in the lives of the clients they work with.

Find out more about TR Together

The events schedule for TR Together Autumn 2023 will be announced shortly. In the meantime, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. more further information.

About the author

Alice Jacobs Waterfall is the Head of TR Together. A former conference producer, she retrained at Tavistock Relationships, completing their diploma in Couple and Individual Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in 2015. She has responsibility for creating and developing TR Together, a TR initiative created to extend and enhance the centre’s continuing professional development offer with a focus on developing new skills and deepening knowledge in community. As Content Director at Confer Alice enjoyed collaborating with many great practitioners across a wide range of modalities and themes and looks to incorporate these valuable insights in to the development of TR Together.