Susie Orback and Galit Atlas speaking at the Freud Museum


As our Spring Season comes to an end, here’s some highlights of the programme and participant feedback.

Feedback is so important to us so if you want to let us know what you loved or how we might further enhance our CPD events please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know.  

And if you missed any of our Spring events, why not catch up on our recordings page.

Fathers and Fathering

“Great variety of speakers and approaches - from Eugene’s personal presentation to Michael’s more theoretical approach. And the Cowans work is so very interesting and impressive. It made for a really good seminar (and I’ve already ordered books from a couple of the speakers).”

We kicked off the year with a special event on fatherhood, enjoying a diverse range of intercultural, psychoanalytic, and research-informed perspectives from our speakers.  Eugene Ellis spoke openly about his own experience as both a black father and black son, which proved to be a particularly moving session of the day. Read more about the event and purchase the recording.

The Extraordinary Intelligence of the Unconscious

“It is admirable that TR has given this topic a lead position in their programme of talks. The presentations were to the point and not too complex. I felt I would be safe as a client, and I have had direct experience of energy therapy with a colleague of Ruthie Smith...”  

Phil Mollon and Ruthie Smith offered an introduction to energy psychotherapy, and how it can be integrated with psychoanalytic and attachment-based approaches. This enlightening session pushed the boundaries of how many therapists are currently trained and raised important questions about how we work toward psychotherapeutic change for our clients. Find out more.

Clinical Impasse Series

“Dr Kuchuck's entire talk was engaging honest and enlightening.  It has left me pondering othering, being othered and impasse.

“Salman Akhtar is THE MOST engaging speaker I have ever heard! Very clear outline, great balance of theory and clinical practice, highly personable and left wanting more!”

“Jill's presentation of case material and her expert weaving of theory and personal process was very powerful as a learning tool.”

When we surveyed our TR Together community of therapists, you told us that the biggest challenge you face is getting ‘stuck’ in the therapeutic process. In response, we designed a short series of events which explored Clinical Impasse from a range of clinical and theoretical perspectives. Chaired by Dr Zack Eleftheriadou, each of the five sessions introduced new ideas from different speakers. If you are feeling stuck with a particular client, you can get ‘stuck’ into the first session here and find recordings of all sessions are available on our website.

Loneliness and Solitude

“Aleksander's presentation enriched and enlivened the contexts and focus of the previous presentations and helped to provide integration of the different themes.  It is, after all, the psychotherapist doing the work. However, I also deeply appreciated contributions from other modalities (i.e. systemic, gestalt) than psychoanalysis both from presenters and from participants.”

Does loneliness lie at the heart of poor mental health and wellbeing? This was a question speakers Michael Buchholz, Lesley Caldwell, Aleksandar Dimitrijević, Gamze Özçürümez Bilgili & Zack Eleftheriadou (Chair) grappled with from a range of perspectives, including object relations, trauma, and intercultural. Thought-provoking questions were also asked about the loneliness of the therapist and therapeutic work. Discover more about the event and watch the recording.


“I really appreciated the bio-psycho-psycho-spiritual appreciation of the subject, which allowed me to really see and think about menopause in a very complete way.”

Pushing the edges of psychotherapeutic theory and embedding ideas into today’s sociocultural landscape lies at the heart of our vision at TR Together, so we were pleased to host an event shining a light on the menopause, a long-neglected subject in our field. We welcomed a multi-disciplinary panel offering biomedical, psychoanalytic, intercultural and psychospiritual perspectives which made for a highly informative and mind-opening day. You can purchase the recording.

And much more…

We facilitated events on psychoanalytic couple psychotherapy and unbearable mental states in the countertransference and enjoyed meeting members of our growing community for an in-person social event at the Freud Museum. As well as an important opportunity to network and socialise, we were delighted to hear Galit Atlas and Susie Orbach to talk about emotional inheritance. Finally, we welcomed 450 people from all over the world to watch Orna Guralnik and her peer supervision group from the hit television series Couples Therapy. A recording of this fascinating session will be available soon.

We really hope you enjoyed and learned from our Spring Season, and we look forward to seeing you soon when our Summer Season begins after the spring break.

The TR Together Team!