Our aim is to support the work and professional development of mental health practitioners and, as we start the new year, we have been reflecting on our goals for 2024. In our bid to provide world-class CPD which genuinely addresses the needs of psychotherapists, we have established five intentions for 2024.

Develop events that support therapists working with complex client dynamics

During our first season, therapists told us they require events that support them to navigate complex client dynamics. A common theme was ‘getting stuck’ in the work, so we created a series on Clinical Impasse with speakers: Salman Akhtar, Anthony Bass, Narendra Keval, Steven Kuchuck, Jill Salberg & Zack Eleftheriadou (Chair). Kick off your 2024 professional learning by joining one or all of these events which begin on 19th January: Clinical Impasse

Provide relevant topics not covered by other CPD providers

Our team is constantly on the lookout for engaging event ideas that are relevant and original. We explore new research, books, and journal publications. We listen to talks and engage with leading practitioners and researchers in our network. We also respond to the learning needs of our community. And we keep an ear open for what is happening in the cultural zeitgeist. Together, this helps us to create events on original topics, with multidisciplinary and intersectional perspectives, not offered by other CPD providers. Do you have a topic you would love for us to cover this year? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Place a contextual, psychodynamic lens on every topic we present

To provide you depth-learning, we believe placing a psychodynamic lens on every topic we present enables us to grapple with early and unconscious dynamics of Self. While honouring core theoretical concepts, we also recognise that today’s world can look very different to when these concepts were ideated. So we are committed to applying a contemporary intercultural lens to critically reflect on how new, evolving and established theory may sit with different clients and therapists. Orna Gulna and her peer supervision group, who are featured on the hit television series Couples Therapy, will bring this contemporary psychodynamic focus to their live conversation at our in-person event on 22nd March which you can sign up to here.

Facilitate spaces for discussion and connection

While therapists are keen to hear from leading speakers, we know that learning is more likely to sink-in when there is space for reflection. So, we ensure all our events have space for questions and discussion, where everyone is welcome to share their thoughts and ideas. In 2024, we are looking at more ways to create space for discussion following events. And to help therapists connect with each other we are planning some social events as well. Register for our Spring Season social with Galit Atlas and Susie Orbach at the Freud Museum on 10th March in London here.

Share gifts that inspire and sustain your professional development

At TR Together, we are passionate about supporting your learning, development, and growth as professionals. We love to share insights that inspire and sustain you. We know many of you couldn’t attend the in-person event with Julia Samuel and her psychotherapist daughters, Emily and Sophie, in December. So as a gift to start the new year, we are sharing a free recording of their insightful conversation with Eugene Ellis. To access it, please click here to receive a download code. You will also be asked to join our newsletter database, if you are not already registered.

We’d love to learn what your professional intentions are for 2024, please share them in the comments.

Wishing you a positive, healthy and successful 2024
The TR Together Team