A comprehensive series of online lectures brings together esteemed speakers who illuminate the Tavistock Relationships Model for working with couples. This work has been developed over 75 years and includes psychoanalytic perspectives on relationships across the life cycle.

Whether you are a therapist, a student, or an individual seeking a deeper understanding of human connections, the talks promise profound and original insights into the development of psychoanalytic thought on relationships.

A Psychoanalytic Understanding of the Couple Relationship with Mary Morgan

This lecture explores the evolution of couple psychoanalytic psychotherapy over 75 years at Tavistock Relationships. Mary Morgan illuminates the influence of the past on adult couple relationships, and how present dynamics are shaped by psychic development. Mary will also explore the potential for future growth for the couple.

A Complex Geography: The Terrain of Transference and Countertransference in Couple Therapy with Krisztina Glausius

Krisztina Glausius explores the complexities of transference and countertransference in couple psychotherapy, introducing the unique challenges and opportunities presented when working with couples rather than individuals.

A Psychoanalytic Account of the Developmental Challenges of Ageing with Andrew Balfour

Andrew Balfour addresses the psychological challenges of increased longevity on couples, offering a psychoanalytic perspective on facing the losses of old age. He explores factors that sustain engagement and intimacy within relationships, even in the face of these inevitable losses experienced in ageing.

So Near and Yet So Far: Narcissism and the Couple with Stanley Ruszczynski

Stanley Ruszczynski explores the psychoanalytic concept of narcissism and its crucial role in understanding and working with couples. He considers the dynamics of the marital triangle, examining how it influences interpersonal dynamics within relationships.

The Generation of Empathy Between Intimate Partners with Susanna Abse

Susanna Abse examines the cornerstone of human intimacy - empathy. She provides a psychoanalytic account of intimacy, addressing ego fluidity, ego strength, and the delicate balance between merging boundaries and destructive cycles within intimate couple relationships.

Interpretation Viewed Through the Lens of Attachment-Informed Couple Psychotherapy with Christopher Clulow

Christopher Clulow challenges historical notions of the mutative power of psychoanalysis and interprets transference through the lens of attachment-informed couple psychotherapy. He explores how relationships contribute to transformative change, moving beyond language as the sole medium.

Psychoanalysis and Homosexuality with Leezah Hertzmann

Leezah Hertzmann confronts the historical pathologisation of same-sex desire in psychoanalysis. Exploring contemporary developments, she sheds light on the challenges clinicians face when encountering diverse sexualities and relationship patterns, encouraging a nuanced understanding beyond traditional norms.


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